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Sherwood Oak Coffee Table

£169.00 £299.00


Product Details

Coffee Table

Width:120cm (47in 1/2)

Height:39cm (15in 1/2)

Depth:60cm (24in)


The Sherwood Oak range is made of a high quality grade of oak and exhibits all the hallmarks of quality furniture.

These include wood-panelled drawer bases and cabinet backs and the use of dovetailed joints in constructing drawers. Sherwood Oak furniture features a decorative curved beading to the underside of cabinet tops and chamfered, rather than square finished leg ends to all floor-standing cabinets.

Sherwood Oak furniture has a light oak appearance and is finished in a hard-wearing, satin lacquer finish. Carefully selected oak veneers are used in the side panels of certain items with the Sherwood Oak range.

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